lilor jewels designers
Lilor Jewels is a luxury fine jewelry brand founded by mother-and-daughter duo, Lissette and Lorena.  Lilor Jewels is comprised of two magical lines, Li and Lor.  Li - designed by Lissette - encompasses classic and timeless pieces, while Lor - designed by Lorena - embraces a more bold and modern outlook.
Lissette was born and raised in the Dominican Republic but has been living in Puerto Rico for over thirty years.  Her love for jewelry dates back to her first memory, playing with her grandmother's jewelry and daydreaming about a collection of her own.  Lissette draws her inspiration mostly from antique and vintage pieces, as she has come to understand the value of timeless design.  Through designing fine jewelry, Lissette aims to help women feel self-confident and remind them of the importance of elegance and style.
Lorena, born and raised in Puerto Rico, now lives in New York City and practices law in New York.  Lorena grew up influenced by her mother's fascination with jewelry and, naturally, developed the same love for it.  Lorena gets her inspiration mostly from her travels around the world and, particularly, from Middle Eastern and Mediterranean aesthetics.  With her designs, Lorena tries to communicate a message to the world:  despite our differences, we are all interconnected and we should appreciate diversity and focus on our uniqueness.  One of Lorena's main goals is to empower women and remind them that, indeed, there are no limits; women can have a legal career, for example, but also love jewelry and fashion.  Lorena's designs aim to fight deep-rooted societal and sexist beliefs that attempt to limit women and their potential.
For many years, Lissette and Lorena dreamed about creating Lilor Jewels.  It wasn't until 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic made them rethink life, generally, and made them realize how short our time on Earth is that they decided they did not want to waste any more time... and Lilor Jewels came to life.